Behringer Clones: Part 5

•May 14, 2007 • 2 Comments

Continuing my series on Behringer clones, I’ve just written up a post on the Behringer MIC100/MIC200 compared to the ART Tube MP series. They’re a set of tube preamps (also functional as DIs) for relatively cheap and seem to be targeted for home studio use. As always, go to my new site and take a look!


Behringer Clones: Part 3 and 4

•May 13, 2007 • 2 Comments

I’ve continued to add to my series on Behringer clones with a post on the Behringer Ultra-DI DI400P and DI600P as well as one on the Vintage Tube Overdrive TO800 on my new site. Take a look!

Behringer Clones

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Well, I’ve gotten a start on a new series of posts on my new site on Behringer. There are constantly complaints of Behringer copying products from other manufacturers, and so I thought it would be interesting to do a little investigative comparison. I’ve started with an explanatory introduction and a look at the Behringer TU100, TU300 alongside the Boss TU-2.

Shure E4 Full Review

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I’ve finally finished the full review of the Shure E4 in-ears at my new site, take a look here


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I’ve moved this site to its own domain, Visit me there!

Behringer, Good or Bad?

•December 12, 2006 • 65 Comments

For those of you who don’t know, Behringer is a German company that does their manufacturing in China. They’re an audio equipment company that seems to specialize in copying existing designs from other manufacturers. While I believe they do have some original equipment, many of their products are “ripoffs” sold at a much lower price than the original. It’s always obvious that they’re Behringer products, and there’s no attempt to fool the customer, but sometimes even the names are not so subtle hints as to which products they’re emulating (Xenyx vs. Onyx anyone?).

If you lurk around various internet forums involving pro audio equipment, you’ll quickly find that people are usually pretty polarized about Behringer. Some people love the great value, and the fact that equipment formerly only available to the pro is made available (through a lower price) to the amateur. Others are upset at the blatant copying, and go as far as to advocate and practice boycott of the company. Still others are merely leery, citing poor build quality.

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Pitch Perception Test

•December 9, 2006 • 1 Comment

Another interesting little test from Jake Mandell, the same guy who brought us the tone deaf test… My results for this one:


Pitch Perception Test Results [0.375Hz]


I’ve had a reasonable amount of music training, and some of those tones I listened for 10+ times before I could decide.