Fender Guitar Stands

I purchased two guitar stands a while ago, and I figured I’d write a brief little post on them, since they’ve treated me well so far. Of course, guitar stands aren’t anything special; it’s pretty hard to go wrong with anything that’s fairly popular. I’ve always used the big tripod stands (like this one) before, and have had a relatively good experience with them, but those have always been the church’s stands, not mine. I wanted my own that would be easy to carry back and forth. I ended up going with a pair of Fender folding guitar stands, one for electrics, one for acoustics.

If you look at some of the pictures, you’ll see they’re similar to the common foldup music stands, and I was a little worried about them being flimsy, but actually they turned out to be quite sturdy. One of the legs on the stand for electrics did get a tad loose, but it hasn’t been a problem, and it’d be easy enough to tighten it up if desired with a small wrench and a screwdriver. They’re quite compact when folded up–I keep the electric one in front pocket of the bag I use for my POD XT Live, and it fits quite nicely.

The only problem I have with them is that neither fits my bass terribly well. While sticking my bass on it works just fine by itself, if I have a cable plugged in, I have to carefully position it to make sure it doesn’t slip and fall off. I had no such problem with the old tripod stands where the padded legs of the stand came straight out (as opposed to angled as with these stands) and were closer together. Oh well. Maybe I’ll pick up a different stand for my bass sometime.

~ by audioreviewer on November 25, 2006.

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