In-Ear Monitors

Just came back from a practice today, and my ears were hurting at the end of the session. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my in-ear monitors. I have a pair of Shure E4‘s (I have a mini-review here) and they’re small, portable, and just sound good, but after a while, they start to hurt my ears. I’m almost tempted to get a pair of good closed headphones to use for practices (maybe these?), and only use the E4’s when we’re actually at a gig. Another option might be to get custom molds for the E4’s. They’re expensive (around $100 I hear), but I guess that’s cheaper than the other set of headphones. Then again, I’d use the other headphones more often, and it’d be useful to have a good set of closed headphones for studio work. Hm…

~ by audioreviewer on November 25, 2006.

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  1. […] In-ear monitors are your friends. Not only do they save your hearing if you’re on stage with a loud drummer (or any at all), they also cut down on stage noise so that you’re not fighting with the drummer to hear yourself, stop stage bleed, and reduce feedback, not to mention deafening the audience a little less. […]

  2. It’s a shame you didn’t try the Future Sonics FS1’s Xtreme Mac has been selling for $150 a pair. While they’re selling them as Ipod earphones, I use them instead of floor monitors. I started going wedgeless about a year ago and hate when I have to go back to wedges and plugs . My drummer and I share an ear mix(we both use FS1’s and Sennhiser packs) while the other 2 guys in the band use still use wedges.

    Last summer on a week long gig in Key West FLa., my bass amp gave up the ghost during soundcheck on the first nite.

    I was already in the house PA so I had the soundman put my bass in the FS1’s only with no wedges. I was amazed at the way my bass sounded with just a direct box into these consumer level earphones. If I didn’t keep the pack volume on the low side, the bottom end would have blurred my vision. I also sing backrounds and having the bass bumped way up in my mix didn’t muddy up the vocals. By the third night I was considering going ampless more often.

    I was using the foam sleeves instead of custom molds and they worked great. It’s been about a year since I started using them and have done around 150 gigs so far with the same set, only changing the foam sleeves every gig or 2. We work mostly in hot humidSouth Florida and do way too many outdoor gigs.

    I sweat profusely. but have never had the issues the author of the review had with his Sensaphonics earphones regarding moisture and component failure.

    I got to hear the newest Future Sonics Atrio earphones at the NAMM convention last month and they sound better than the FS1’s I’ve been using. And it’s hard to find anything wrong with the FS1’s. The best part is the bass is warm and solid at low volumes all the way down to a low B string on a bass. The mids and highs are nicely balanced and not shrill. I tried the other brands universal fit earphones at the NAMM show and the best of the bunch got real weak much below 100 Hz. They all told me I needed to spend close to a grand between the custom multidriver earpieces and custom molds to get the bottom end I wanted and get with these year old FS1’s with foam sleeves.

    I was told the Atrio’s are coming soon and are going to cost $200. I can’t wait.

  3. Perhaps you posted this on the wrong blog…? I had no mention of Sensaphonics, moisture, or component failure. Furthermore, there are plenty of competing solutions including single driver and triple driver that fall far shy of the 1k mark. As it is, your comment sounds like it’s from a corporate shill, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and refrain from removing your comment for now.

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