Behringer UB802 Mixer Review

Buy it at zZounds for $44.95 (Dec. 3, 2006)

ub802_press.jpg The Behringer UB802 is a great little mixer for a low cost. I’ve used mine regularly for about a year now for my in-ear monitor mix (with my trusty Shure E4 in-ears) on stage without any problems. I’m quite careful with my equipment though.(Update: 12/3/2006. I’ve run into a problem. 😦 My left out on the main outputs seems to be broken, sigh. Along with what seems to be broken DI at church and some other complaints from friends with UB-series mixers, I’m starting to have some misgivings about Behringer. I have a post in queue about them that I’ll finish sometime.)

I also use another UB802 (not mine) on a regular basis that has taken a bit more abuse and the XLR jacks or underlying connections seem to be slightly loose, which is problematic. I may open it up and try to repair it myself sometime. (Note: It seems that the problem may have been with the mic cable I was using and not the mixer, though the jacks are slightly loose…) The quality of these mixers don’t match up to the quality of higher end mixers, but then again the price doesn’t get anywhere close either!

The UB802 has two microphone preamps which are a nice touch for something this cheap. As with pretty much all mixers, it’s advertised as more channels than the way a normal non-marketing person would count it. There are two channels with preamps which can take XLR or 1/4″. Two stereo 1/4″ channels (2 x 2 makes four, right? heh), a tape channel, and an FX send/return.

It uses an inline power supply, so while there’s no wall wart, the proprietary power is still a slight annoyance. Why can’t we all just use IEC connectors? Sigh, but I can live with that. It’d probably be too expensive to fit a power supply into that small of a board anyway.

Bottom line, it’s a great cheap little mixer if you’re willing to deal with some possible quality issues…

~ by audioreviewer on December 3, 2006.

6 Responses to “Behringer UB802 Mixer Review”

  1. Got a behringer xenyx 802 used it for about 30mins with my active monitors when it suddently powered off — permanently. Turns out that the ac adapter got broken (I measured it with my multimeter). he bloody thing lasted 30mins! I am so APPALED at the quality of this (or anything made in China). It’s not that you pay nothing, for me it cost close to 65eur …

  2. Well, I think it’s a bit of a broad generalization to say absolutely anything out of China, but there is definitely a reasonable sized contingent of people who are against Behringer (and probably plenty who are also against Chinese made products) because of quality issues. I actually have a post on my own experiences with that here:

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  6. I;ve been using TWO of them in my audio work for 4 years and have never had a problem. I’m a professional audio editor and do audio engineering and think they’re just fine. In fact i just bought 2 Behringer audio pre-amps for a client and they work just fine too.

    Technicians know that if electronic equipment will fail, 90% of the failures happen within the first 100 hours of opperation and it’s downright dumb to curse a company – any company – as selling garbage on the basis of one complaint, however loudly announced. These things happen and the company replaces the equipment immediately. The complainer above didn’t mention getting a replacement or not so it should be assuemed that he did and that it worked just fine.

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