Behringer, Good or Bad?

For those of you who don’t know, Behringer is a German company that does their manufacturing in China. They’re an audio equipment company that seems to specialize in copying existing designs from other manufacturers. While I believe they do have some original equipment, many of their products are “ripoffs” sold at a much lower price than the original. It’s always obvious that they’re Behringer products, and there’s no attempt to fool the customer, but sometimes even the names are not so subtle hints as to which products they’re emulating (Xenyx vs. Onyx anyone?).

If you lurk around various internet forums involving pro audio equipment, you’ll quickly find that people are usually pretty polarized about Behringer. Some people love the great value, and the fact that equipment formerly only available to the pro is made available (through a lower price) to the amateur. Others are upset at the blatant copying, and go as far as to advocate and practice boycott of the company. Still others are merely leery, citing poor build quality.


In my opinion, most of Behringer’s products are priced for excellent value. Take their mixers; no other company produces them at anywhere near that cost, and the Behringers come with relatively extensive feature sets. Actually, I’d say the vast majority of Behringer’s products have great feature sets at a relatively amazing price point. Some argue that for the price, even if they fail at twice the rate, that still makes some of these products a higher value at less than half the cost. I’m sure those that have had equipment break on stage during a gig would agree with me that this is not really a valid argument! At least not for everyone. Many (granted, not all) of these products have pretty good sound quality as well, making them a tempting buy.


The question around copying is a tricky one. The issue is in fact twofold. One is the question of whether Behringer’s copying is stifling innovation, and the other is whether this cuts into other companies’ profits. Actually, these two issues are quite linked, though they are not the same. I don’t have the answer to either. I would say, however, that some competition has definitely been good for the market, and I would venture to say that I have not seen Behringer harm the market overall. I believe that many audio products especially in the prosumer market are overpriced. Behringer has alleviated some of that. Still there is a certain point where the blatant cloning of products seems to me to be morally wrong and probably discourages innovation (why do R&D when someone else will take all your hard work for free?).


There are almost always people who say there are quality problems with one company or another, or sometimes a particular product. It’s really hard to say when these complaints are legitimate. Probably most of them are real, but people tend to complain when they come across problems and not speak up half as much when things go well. Thus, I’d expect people who have problems who complain constitute a disproportionately percentage of the vocal userbase in comparison to the whole userbase. One generally only hears anecdotal stories. Still, these stories are valuable because while individual cases may not be indicative of the company’s overall quality, in aggregate they can point to quality problems.

Having said that, I suppose I should proceed to describe a little of my personal experience. I think I’ve mentioned briefly before a few of the problems I’ve had with Behringer equipment, but I’ll list off the problems I’ve had again quickly. Our drummer purchased two UB-series Behringer mixers a while back probably around 2 years ago, I’m guessing. I think one was a UB1204-Pro and the other was the UB1202. In the middle of one session he accidentally hit one of them (the UB1204-Pro) with his drum stick while playing, and the left channel died. Another one of my friends owned a UB802 (my mini-review here), and after year or two of heavy use, some of the XLR jacks are a bit loose. I recently discovered that my own UB802 has a dead main left channel out. Our church uses a DI800 which is an 8-channel rack DI. We’ve found it quite useful, but recently the second channel died. It flips between loud and soft intermittently rendering the channel essentially useless. Note that I also own a BX4500H bass head as well as a V-AMP 2 (review here), and our drummer owns a B300 Ultrawave, all of which so far have been problem free. It should also be noted though, that these have gone through less wear-and-tear so far. We’ll see how they hold up in the long haul.


Make your own conclusion! While I think for now I’m going to cut back on the Behringer purchases, I wouldn’t go so far as to tell people not to buy from them. I’ve just had too much go wrong to want to risk much more money into their products. Do your research and form your own opinion. There are definitely good values to be had…


~ by audioreviewer on December 12, 2006.

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  1. I totally agree with you on this.
    But do you know that some twenty years ago they made not so bad equipment.
    That is when Behringer manufactured in Germany and not China, before they had all these mixers and stuff, they didn’t even have a logo (just the name Behringer) and their compressors and denoisers (that’s all they produced back then) were in the color black with a red stripe.
    The compressors were used in midpriced studio’s.
    Because of the experience that I had with their early gear I made the mistake of buying the later stuff, well I just threw them away (no joke).
    And the old (good) compressors that I have, I sent them to Behringer just for calibration, can you believe that they damaged one and sent the other one back in the same condition as i had sent it and still charged me for their “work?”
    That’s when I decided not to have anything to do with this company again.

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  3. I’m sad that’s theres so much bad press about Behringer.I have a 1202 mixer, rackmount FX unit,rackmount compressor,rackmount crossover and 2 DI’s all Behringer and all about 3 years old and have not had a problem with any of the equipment. It’s all used twice on sunday at church and performs great. I’m about to replace a Chiayo UHF mic with the Behringer UHF Mic because I’m so impressed with the unit. For me Behringer perfroms great and frees up $ for more equipment.

  4. Last summer I purchased guitar with the BEHRINGer amplifier for my son. It worked fine for some time and after 4 months it stopped working. I called the store”The source” but found out that they are not responsible for repair, refund or exchange.
    Thank you!! but I warren everyone I know to stay away from this product.

  5. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Venomousness.

  6. Well let me add a bit of experience about Behringer products from a dealers prospective. DON’T BUY THEIR PRODUCTS! I have used their studio monitors in our demo room, along with many other brands and Behringer is by far the worst build and actually dangerous.

    We are pretty hard on our speakers and don’t turn them off, ever. After about a year and a half several of our Behringer monitors started to fail, we had about 22 of them in use. I’m not just saying they stopped working, they actually started to catch on fire when the amps wore out. Also, they are prone to overloads. If there is a spike from a computer crashing it can cause the amp to overload and smoke or catch on fire. We have also blown several speakers and crossover components by overloads.

    The company is incredibly disorganized and it is very difficult to get issues resolved. They know their products are poorly designed and that they use the cheapest components available, so just watch out!

    I know some of you may be fans of their products and prices, so just take my advice for what it is worth. I am not a fan of speakers that spontaneously combust. Thank God our smoke detectors worked each time.

    We have stopped dealing with them and have returned everything we bought.

  7. About 5 years ago, I took up playing keyboard and read all the reviews concerning keyboard combo amps. I also tried out a few amps in stores; the sound from the Behringer KX1200 (combined piano amp and P.A.) was very good and the unit was not expensive.

    I ordered one from Dolphin Music here in the UK and have been gigging with it, twice a month, ever since. I use it daily at home for practice and sometimes lend it to other musicians. Meanwhile I have bought a small Behringer mixer, a Behringer Microphone and their U-control computer interface. So 5 years on, I had thought the company a pretty good one. But, today, the amp is pretty much scrap.

    At my last gig the fan stopped working and the line-out jack went dead and today I plugged in the output from a the Behringer U-control to the tape input on the amp (as the U-conrol instructions suggest) and the amp made a loud buzz, smelled of burning and generally made a horrible noise. It still makes the horrible noise even with nothing plugged in.

    Now I’m of the generation that expects things to last – I had a hi-fi amp that lasted over 20 years and a 1958 car that ran well until 1995. So 5 years is very poor in my opinion.

    I’ve scoured the Behringer web site for an e-mail address to write to but there doesn’t seem to be one.

    So, all in all, I was very impressed with Behringer until now.

    Best wishes

    PS any suggestions as to what I should replace it with?

    • To Mr. Nick Nakorn. I have the identical scenario. I bought a KX1200 brand new out of the store 5 years ago, in 2006, and 5 years later, 2011, the damn thing has developed a buzz that wont go away, even when there’s nothing plugged in. I had my bandmate who’s an electronic and audio expert open it up and see if he could fix it. Well it seems there is nothing that can be done with it because the best I can describe it is everything is “fused” together in one big circuit board, or something like that – and it looks as if none of the components are meant to be disconnected because it will probably result in a non working amp. I’ve been advised by numerous people that their amps are pretty much non-servicable because they don’t have any service center in the U.S. A friend of mines had a Behringer V-Ampire brand new guitar amp and it took a shit after only a couple months. He took it back to the store he bought it from and they said they’d have to ship it overseas for it to be repaired. I have no idea what to do with the damn thing now. I’m just living with it. Any wonderful ideas or suggestions? (Besides throw it away?)

      P.S. I wrote them a note on their wall on FaceBook about this stuff and I’m just curious to what their response is gonna be, or if they respond at all

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  9. I appreciate the extensive research that the writer of this blog has done for us lower income consumers. However, he does kind of sit on the fence as to whether its a good thing or a bad thing to purchase a Behringer product.

    I’m a lazy guy-don’t like writing a bunch of stuff so everyone can arbitrarily dismantle the point of view or work I tried to put into something, so I’ll just say this about Behringer: I’ve owned a 1202 that has been my only mixer for my little home studio. It buses everything to my MBox so that I can easily have more than one thing going at a time, or more than one instrument, blah blah…I’ve owned this piece for 7 years? now, and it is still as functional and consistent as it was when I first bought it. I can’t afford, or even justify picking up something that invariably would be a major advance for my purposes. Some interface/mixer/soundcard that’s going to be 7-10X’s more expensive. So to me this is a no-brainer! I’m getting my music out there with Behringer’s help. Just like with Marshall’s help, and now since May, with Bugera’s help, and with Mackie’s, Yamaha’s, Boss’s, Roland’s, Johnson’s-whatever company I can get the job done with that does it well enough to ensure a good product and representation of who I ‘am’, what I wish to convey, etc.

    So ethically speaking, should one abstain/boycott a product? And suffer becuase some company that isn’t doing things the ‘customary’ way to get their product out there? I say NO WAY. Anyone of us guitar players says in our hearts that we do things on the fretboard that ‘no one else thought of’, or wrote, etc. when we know that someone pioneered this fretboard and laid it all out before we did. But only the players that ‘makes waves’, or doesn’t do things the ‘customary’ way.

    Anyone who judges another for using the products that have been approved and admitted for release to the public (for lack of a better way to phrase it right now!) is making a mistake and not really seeing things in the right way. Behringer belongs in the market just as much as any other so-called ‘Boutique’ company, of which I will not name names here, belongs in the market.

    Find fault with whatever you want to, but I’m a player and I have been all my life practically. I’m not going to worry about political borders or loyalty because I know this is all irrelevant in the end. You can listen to my music or you don’t have to; you can use Behringer or decide not to. If you LIKE my music it will survive, and if I’m a GOOD musician so will I. Time will tell if Behringer is good enough to be on the scene for us to use or not. We don’t even have to worry about it really as their products’ reputations will be made manifest by the users. It’ll either survive or not.

    JMTCW-thanks for letting me share my opinion.

  10. I’ve bought my last piece of Behringer gear. I’ve got a Xenyx 2442 on the workbench right now, because after working fine for months, I went to turn it on and the magic smoke started pouring out the side vent. I don’t see anything outwardly wrong now that I have it apart, but I haven’t had a chance to start poking around with a meter yet.

    I also have an MX9000 that I bought used (but inoperative) for a couple hundred bucks – I figured the connectors alone are worth that even if I can’t fix it. I’ve got the power supply in pieces on the workbench, and the electrical engineer that designed this POS needs to be beaten about the head and shoulders. First and foremost, they cheaped out on the voltage regulators BIG TIME – the regulators that are there are not even rated to handle the mixer’s power requirements printed on the outside of the supply itself, much less provide any kind of safety margin, so this power supply was effectively designed to fail from the get-go. What does it tell you that a company will sacrifice reliability and safety just to save $5.00 in parts on a mixer that retailed for $1300 or so?

    Sorry Behringer, you lose, and never again will a piece of your gear see the inside of my home.

  11. I have a set of B212A and have not had a problem yet. I don’t overuse these speakers which may be why I have not had any problems. I think Behringer as a company is fine as you know what you are getting. So if you know you are going to be really maxing out these speakers then get another brand. But if you are just using them occassionally or not maxing them out then why not go with a Behringer

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  14. You get what you pay for, and sometimes you get unlucky.
    People who have the proper ear for studio recording won’t put up with Behringer. I’ve been doing live sound for nearly 20 years and I learned early that if the public don’t hear ear-piercing feedback, then everything else sounds good to them. So I try and balance quality and value in my purchases.

    I go with two audio buying philosophies :
    “Try and buy the best, you’ll always be satisfied with it” and “buy one to use, and one to loose”. The first applies to the critical gear (amps, mixers, speakers and mics). The second applies to Behringer.

    The gear is cheap and arguably when it works, it does a good job, but its a good idea to have some spares on hand (applies to ALL gear). Behringer’s are cheap enough you can have some extra gear without busting the bank. Just look at eBay as proof of that.

  15. I think behringer is the worst thing you can buy things made by Behringer sound terrible Most people that live on a low budget production probably have never heard a mixing board with good Phase linearity, but true professional sound … actually sound great and behringer has the looks but definitely not the sound i really dont understand why behringer has CLONES man literally clones of gear Whats up With that … did you guys know that behringer has a Lawsuit anyway last but not least companies like boss cost three times more and sometimes its hard to afford them i guess that is why a lot of people end up buying a product that looks good and looks like mackie or Boss for an exceptional price but the product end up sounding like crap THATS A RIP OFF !

  16. Well… it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when something that cost 1/4 of something else is made cheaply and goes to pot early. You get what you pay for. That said… I’ve owned a couple of Behringer things and they seemed to be pretty nicely built – on the _outside_. I wondered how they hit the price point – the guy who found the undersized voltage regs… that explains it.

  17. PS – Summit Lectern MORON – why don’t you take your “Bonanzie Audio booth” SPAM somewhere the sun don’t shine. I’m going to IP-bomb your site – and your personal email address too, douchebag deluxe.

  18. I own a pair of b225A’s and a xenyx 1202 mixer. I have had nothing to complain about the quility of these products. I have replaced my mixer to a mackie vlz3 pro and it completely kills behringer in there mixer sound quility. but what can you expect. the mackie was 700$ and the xenyx 1202 was 80$ but it served as a good 8 channel mixer fr practice. The speakers sound better than the jbl ion’s and are comparable to the powered mackies. So all in all the behringers are good for gettin your starter demo out there but definently upgrade to somthing like mackie once you get your music goin

  19. I’ve owned 3 Behringer mixers, a B2 pro condensor and my bass player uses an Ultrabas head and cab.

    My behringer stuff has been running fine for years without a hitch…

    However my bass player’s Ultrabass head died after a 2 months but he just tends to treat his gear like absolute dirt. He went into the shop he bought it from and they gave him a brand new one and sent the old one to Behringer. Problem solved and not a hitch since he did that over a year ago.

  20. Behringer sucks

  21. Is it me or is there a trend of behringer products sucking in this room? (Rhetorical question) I have two behringer mixing boards. The rca jack (left side) is out on my Xenyx2442fx along with my 7th and 8th channel only working when it wants to. My other Xenyx1202fx has a bad Left Main Output. I’m switching to Allen and Heath when I get the money.

  22. Like another user, my Xenyx Mixer had mic preamp channel #1 and #3 with the Trim (gain) control problem. It was really suck as it happened during my live show.

  23. For that price … Behrnger is BEST!

  24. Overall, i have to say that i believe that you get what you pay for in equipment, and it depends on what you want your equipment for. I have to say that Behringer is a good quality for beginning and experimental set ups. They allow people who maybe aren’t to the level to devote thousands of dollars to equipment to mix and amplify small gigs. In my opinion, if you are going pro or large scale gigs, stay away from Behringer, they aren’t reliable enough, but are excellent value for starters.

  25. Even for a starter, I would not recommend. There are other brands whose prices are about the same. If not Soundcraft, Mackie, or Heath Allen, then you can go for something like Yamaha or Peavey,… Yes, I made a mistake for what I paid for. So, I feel guilty if I recommend that it is Ok to buy Behringer if you are beginner.

  26. Good gear good price.It’s simple,if you don’t like a program on TV,change the channel.The gear is cheap.For those who are rich musicians,go buy the most expensive gear.ZON

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  29. Over the years I have also seen just as many mackie mixers with out of commission channels. While they are working which would you say is better sounding?

  30. jose – where (in the analogue world) is this phase linear mixing board you speak of? it doesn’t exist. get it right before sounding like you know audio.

  31. Was watching a video recently on Metallica’s live show with their guitar techs showing off James rig, and low and behold he uses a Behringer rackmounted Noisegate. Now i am not saying that because he uses one they are automatically amazing pieces of kit but it must be saying something about the unit right if a pro with that amount of cash uses one? Any thoughts? p.s i am not a metallica fan!

    • James Hetfield has been using that Behringer rackmount for a while now, and he’s not the only one. Alex Lifeson from Rush uses the exact same unit in his rack as well. Alot of people use Behringer, whether the haters like it or not. I’ve been to plenty of studios in L.A. and they’ve all had at least one item with the Behringer logo somewhere in the racks. I find some of their stuff to be very good and totally professionally usable.

  32. I have been using Behringer B300’s for close on to 5 years. THey are discontinued now. I suppose one of the speakers I have hassles with and the other is running good. I bought a backup speaker in case I need to send one in for repair.

    Let me tell you that before I got bass bins I used to drive my Behringer’s into clip mode many a time and have minimal hassles . Then added a set of wharfedale subs which I have had to replace 11 drivers in 2 years. Wharfedale say that you should not clip your equipment. Guess they just sell the equipment and and do not perform so sometimes its uneatable that you would clip after having a couple of drinks with friends. The clipping function on the B300 goes way beyond the Wharfedale EVPX 15P clipping capabilities.

    Anyone who doubts my experience rather go for the JBL’s etc. Behringer rocks for me

  33. I have a Behringer MX3242X mixer (it’s the biggest rack mountable unit). It worked fine for a year, then it started failing after a few minutes. I talked to the nearest contact person, who suggested, it’s probably a power supply issue. I searched around the Net… yep, power supply issues seem to be relatively common.

    Now imagine this: I live in a US state capitol, and there isn’t a Behringer repair facility here. I had to ship the MX3242X over the ocean to get it fixed. It arrived to the repair place since 2 weeks and there is still not a peep what they found broken, when the unit is going to be fixed and for how much. Maybe they just forwarded it to China?

    Would I buy another Behringer unit, after this? Well, not right away. I’m about to replace their mixer with a Yamaha or such, since no one knows how long the repair will take – or will the MX3242X be ever fixed, even. This doesn’t put Behringer on my shit list outright (yet), but I’d say they will probably not be my first choice for further purchases.

  34. I put my DDX3216 in a local (Dallas, Tx.) reputable shop back at the first of July becuase it had suddenly stopped working. They detrmined that the problem was the power supply module so they ordered the part. They got the run around from Behringer (Music Group Services U.S.) and got frustrated that they didn’t have any updates for me when I called so they gave me Behringer’s contact info in February (6 months into this) to see if I could get any answers. I got the runaround as well. I COULD NOT GET ANYONE FROM BEHRINGER TO RETURN MY PHONE CALLS OR GIVE ME ANY TYPE OF UPDATE FOR OVER A MONTH. Even the Customer Service Manager LeAnne. Until today 3/10/11. Nine months after ORDERING the part. LeAnne told me that they no longer make that part and the unit will have to be repaired at the component level. REALLY?!? It took 9 months and TOO MANY NON RETURNED phone calls for you to nonchalantly tell me that!?!……..So Frustrating!
    Bottom line. The mixer worked great for the 6 years that I used it. But dealing with the non caring idiots at Behringer Music Group Services U.S. has me trashing my mixer and vowing to NEVER purchase any of their equipment again.

  35. I have been servicing pro-audio and keyboard products for over twenty years.I have been authorized service for most of the major companies products during that time. One year ago we added the Behringer line. Of the powered speakers and mixers I have seen, they burn up from the output devices all the way back through the power supply! Toast! Behringer has had only two parts out of dozens I have ordered. They end up sending the owner a replacement, after I send them the blown up product. It takes them a few months to do all of this. I have yet to receive a part for a Behringer product that is out of warranty. They do not sell their own parts. They have tried various companies as distributors, most end up dropping Behringer.

    After one full year of performing Warranty work, I have yet to be paid for any of my labor. As a consequence I have left them email and phone messages of my intent to turn away their products. they do not return my calls or emails.

    Bottom line: if you buy their gear, it may work fine. When it blows up, if under warranty expect months before you see a replacement. If out of warranty you will find it costs more to repair than to replace, but parts probably will not be available anyways.

  36. I placed an order for four Behringer EPX3000 power amps in August 2010 I recieved them in February 2011 Lot of problems, the dealer,Myself & the Distributor cannot get a sensible answer from Mino in Germany who just tells lies.My units are in the boxes waiting to go back for a complete refund.


  37. Took me time to read all the comments, however I really loved the article. It proved to be very useful to me and Im positive to all of the commenters here! Its all the time good when you cant only learn, but in addition engaged! I am certain you had joy penning this article. Anyway, in my language, there arent much good source like this.

  38. Good article and comments. I think the worth is dependent on what you do. It seems that in a personal studio, if a unit goes out you can “run to the store”. Onstage, that doesn’t quite work out as well.

    I’m looking into a personal mixer to balance an SPD-S pad (triggered sounds) a metronome and vocals into my In Ear Monitors. So far, I’ve been running everything through my KC 550 Amp. Unfortunately, I can’t always place the Amp where I can reach it if I need to tweak the volumes. The price looks good for the Behringer 502 or 802, but the last thing I need are reliability issues. Yes, I could carry a spare mixer, but with moving all the other gear I just need something that works.

    Anyone had experience with the ART PowerMix III?

  39. well having read this nothing is really a surprise! and having worked on many of their mixers ive seen just about every problem you can imagine on them. What makes things so bad in the long run is that its virtually impossible to get info or schematics to do repairs to their stuff at all and you lose many man hours messing about with these things which is totally a waste of time and money.

    If Behringer at least had the decency to dump the repair info in the public domain at least some of this stuff would get fixed and go some way towards damage limitation of their reputation, but alas i think their simple principal is to sell em cheap and wave bye to them hoping they never ever come back but as we see they do with alarming regularity!

    If your lucky youll get something that will be a good one and survive a few years but reality as far as the mixers are concerned is things will fail, break or just develop some weird anomaly that will plague you, Behringer we need service info and schematics! your buyers will be a lot happier if at least the stuff can be fixed when it breaks, you cant hold all the cards regarding servicing and repairs when its blatantly not your policy to repair anything.

    We need access to parts and info so that those people who a skilled enough to do repairs can at least alleviate some of the issues expresed here, the man in the street wants to know he can pop into his local repair guy and get these things fixed not have to attempt the tedious routine of dealing with behringer and its ensuing problems.

  40. I bought a KX1200 Keyboard Amp brand new out of the store 5 years ago, in 2006, and 5 years later, 2011, the damn thing has developed a buzz that wont go away, even when there’s nothing plugged in. I had my bandmate who’s an electronic and audio expert open it up and see if he could fix it. Well it seems there is nothing that can be done with it because the best I can describe it is everything is “fused” together in one big circuit board, or something like that – and it looks as if none of the components are meant to be disconnected because it will probably result in a non working amp. I’ve been advised by numerous people that their amps are pretty much non-servicable because they don’t have any service center in the U.S. A friend of mines had a Behringer V-Ampire brand new guitar amp and it took a shit after only a couple months. He took it back to the store he bought it from and they said they’d have to ship it overseas for it to be repaired. I have no idea what to do with the damn thing now. I’m just living with it. Any wonderful ideas or suggestions? (Besides throw it away?)

    P.S. I wrote them a note on their wall on FaceBook about this stuff and I’m just curious to what their response is gonna be, or if they respond at all.

  41. Happy with my Mackie 1202-VLZ bought nearly 20 years ago and still functioning and sounding great…never yet had a problem with it. I was wondering about the Behringer copycat products at such seemingly low prices and kind of figured there must be a catch. Reading all the comments here, I’m inclined to think maybe it’s a false economy. Probably worth investing in Mackie-made equivalent replacement if/when the time comes.

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  43. I wrote the following email to Behringer:

    “I think Behringer should not put these big behringer
    logo stickers over the little speakers / in front of
    the membran, right there before where the sounds comes
    out. When the membran is small like the one on the
    MS16 home studio boxes the big sticker is there where
    the sound comes out and because the sticker is big
    it will reflect some sound back and some percentage of
    sound will not come through because of it and this
    is *not good* for music production, specially when you
    master music.

    I think it is better to *NOT* put any stickers right
    before the membran where the sound *comes out* – this
    destroys some quality specially by the small ones like
    the MS16. ( sound reflection and cutting away some
    percent of what comes out ) *BIG FAIL* to put big
    fat stickers there *where the sound comes out*.”

    By the way: the bigger the boxes are the bigger grow the
    stickers right in front of the membran. They cut some sound
    away and reflect some sound back to the membran. I never

  44. Their Tweekalizer is cool. The racks are flimsy on the outside, but I’ve had luck with several of their signal processors and guitar pedals (sans that stoopid plastic housing). Overall they are quiet and sound OK. Where else can you get a hardware vocoder (Virtualier) for under $40 on ebay?

  45. Behringer mixers were made to replace Alesis ones.

  46. If we lived in the village of 1000 people a lot of thesee issues would become so much clearer. The effects of cloning, copying, and downright slealing other people’s ideas wouldn’t be tolerated in the village. Eddie sees a need for a new product, asks lots of people about the new design, creates a couple of prototypes, tries t out with potential customers, goes throughg all the legal bother of getting it safety checked, patented, and creating new routes to maket with distributers. Eddie then goes to various manufacturers until he can find one that can make it locally to create work for some other villagers. New jobs, new innovative product, new customers, new wealth creation. Eddie plans to keep doing this and create more jobs, a bigger business – everyone is happy.

    Bertie lives in another village far away. Ona visit to our village he sees Eddie’s product and buys one. When he gets home he takes it to a workshop who take it apart and work out how its made. Bertie’s village is very different to Eddie’s. There people have no rights, no property security, no health care, no unemployemnt benefit, no pensions, no say in how things are run. Everybody works for a tenth of what they would get in Eddies village – but they would all like to leave and go to Eddies village – but they have no rights. Berrtie gets the factory to make Eddies new product for a tenth of the original’s cost – AND he has no development costs, no market research costs, doesn’t have to find new distibutors – because Eddie already did it all.

    Bertie returns to Eddie’s village and offers a product that looks and works just like Eddies. Lots of people buy it. Eddie becomes dissillusioned and eventually sells up because he cannot compete. The people at the ad agency, the R&D people, the workers in the factory, and the taxes and money they spent in the village are lost. People buying the new product didn’t realise at first what was happening. But when their taxes had to go up to cover the shortfall, and they had to support their nieghbours put out of work because Eddie couldn’t carry on, they realised the new product wasn’t really as cheap as they had thought and buying it had had unfreseen consequences. They thought they could put it right, but they found out Eddies Patents and Copyright meant nothing to the distant Village – there, no one had any rights and the law didn’t really work well at all. Eventually to survive they had to work for Bertie at much lower wages. They all wished they had been more thoughtful and not so greedy because everyone in their village had been a loser in the end.

  47. I have been using a europower pmp1000 mixer in my school and the first time i switched it on it started smoking and it is basically bullshit.Please do not buy behringer products…..

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  51. Behringer equipment is GREAT! If you make sure not to use it very often and then, sparingly. I’m an electronics repairperson and I see SO MUCH of their gear with burnt output transistors. Literally hundreds of pieces of electronic waste. It’s a crime. The Blue Devil was an early Behringer product that looked and felt like a classic in the making, now it’s hard to find ONE in working condition (if you do it’s been worked on) and now you’d be hard pressed to find an authorized repair center. Oh sure, Behringer has them listed in their literature, but call a couple and see what they say. “Nobody works on Behringer” is the usual reply.

  52. Bought an inuke 6000 and 2 VP 2520’s about 3 months ago. The i6 never worked, constantly reset itself, wouldn’t stay on, BR said its a bad diode problem we have discovered in our manufacturing line, we sent it back for repair it came back worse, told BR that we are losing money on gigs, can’t take this, it’s brand new gear, sends us an EP 4000 and we’ll can it even if it works, they did, no issue with the EP 4000 but one of the VP 2520’s is now dead after 3 months of minor use. Noticed one of these FOH speakers seemed to have a lower volume than the other out right of the box side by side from the get go so we just turned the volume up a bit. Now we suspect that it was bad from the get go and didn’t really notice until that bad woofer it started making noticeably bad noise.

    First place a VP 2520 is a heavy speaker, BR pays for shipping and repair on their own gear. In Japan to have a speaker this size shipped back and forth is a couple hundred bucks and additionally you have to buy a 58 dollar carton to put the speaker in or the shipping companies won’t touch it.

    This is money coming out of BR’s pocket. So being under warranty here I am sure that another driver will blow and it will go back to BR for repair. After the second repair BR will be basically in the red from repairs of one their own VP 2520’s that has only been in the field for 6 months.

    They can’t survive this way.

  53. I’ve had 2 behringer mixers that broke with only light use, and several friends have had similar experiences. Had a V-amp which was cheap but didn’t sound very good (mind you, I didn’t like the Pod, either) My Behringer patchbay seems to be fine though, and we have some of their DI boxes which are still going ok. Wouldn’t buy another of their mixers in a hurry; they’re just too cheaply made.

  54. Purchased a Eurolive B205D personal monitor and it worked great for 2 gigs. The 3rd time I used it, channel 1 started cutting in and out with high distortion and popping noises. Not a cord, mike, or instrument issue, as channel 2 works OK, and channel 1 no longer works properly with anything I connect to it. That’s frustrating enough. But try to get warranty service from Behringer, You can only submit a claim online and then hope they contact you back. They say they will contact you in 24-48 hours, but as I type this, it has just past the 48 hour mark since I submitted the claim. The only thing I have to show for it is the automated response I got acknowledging the claim had been received. I have several pieces of Behringer equipment, and was happy with them until now. But to me, customer service is everything. As a quality manager myself, I understand there are occasional issues. But how you respond to them makes all the difference. I don’t tolerate well the “submit a claim and we’ll get back to you”, especially when they DON’T get back to you as promised!

  55. I’m not sure but the beringer amps I’ve had have had are all quality products

  56. I’ve only ever owned one Behringer product, and that was the cx-2310 crossover. It worked well for me so never had any issues with it, and I loved it even more for the price I paid. This product is in fact also the only Behringer product that I’ve seen to be a clone of another brands product (actually I thought it was the other brand cloning the Behringer product as I’d never heard of the other brand name before). I am surprised and a little disappointed (if I’m honest) to discover that behringer products are made in China. I’ve heard nothing but negative things about audio equipment made in China.

  57. It was always tempting to use their products, good features, good price. But was it worth it. If you’re earning your bread and butter, or even more with the gear STAY AWAY from it.
    I owned several crossovers. The 2494 digital speaker management is just perfectly suited for my purpose. As most crossover/ management boxes accept analog in only, this one offered a 3 in 6 out analog or 2 in 6 out analog or the EBU/AES in 6 out configurability. So I could use my existing AES 3 feed to do the top of my 4 way theatre speakers.
    The main control gear is a Yamaha DME 64 mixer. With my setup, I’m getting borderline to the DSP capacity, so the external speaker crossover and management came handy to free up some DSP.
    Working, these things do a good job, and I’m not really convinced that gear costing 10 times the bucks sounds really much better.
    O.K. Having purchased 5 units, one was a DOA. So back to seller.
    The other worked. Good for us, we were clever, we had one more ordered than needed. But after a while one output failed on another unit. Ok, could happen, bargain priced gear. Send it back? Or keep. We reconfigured, so that this unit does the center speaker and just the bandwith limited Low Freq FX channel, so that this channel required just one intact analog output.
    Luckily this is our owen test bay setup. So swaps are easy, no travel and service call involved. But during a rentout for screening a rock band film, the center unit starting going off and on the upper mnidrange channel. Very nasty, it’s the vocalist that dissapears.
    OK say it again our own test house, no customer’s place or install site.

    At one point purchased a power distrubutor with built in rack illumination LED thing (plastic bar with LED on end). The LED worked for a couple of hours, before it failed. I) never dared to return it, the hassle cost more than the price we paid. It is still used as a power distri rack with main switch for extra gear.

    I also owned a small feedback dstroyer called Shark DSP 110. This came with a small transformer, supplying AC to the unit. This was used for general purpose P.A. microphone applications, going into a 70 V C.V. “railway station type” speaker system, good for announcments and interviews. No High Fidelity. The feedback surpression worked rather well, we liked the little thing.
    Suddenly the thing stopped working. Measured the transformer, and had to find out the primary winding had gone. It’s either the thermal fuse, or the winding. I hammered the box open, and found one of the crappiest transformers ever. The reason for failure after less than 20 “On” hours. Soldering the small gage transformer leads to the power cord was so tremendously badly done, it corroded away due the the flux used for lead free (ROHS) soldering they are so proud of on the packaging. It is the largest feature logo, actually beside the “CE”-China Export” mark.
    Yes, the transformer would fulfill safety standards, dual windings, insulators, gaps etc, but is so lousily wound and terminated, that ist must fail.
    It was also interesting to see in Behringer products, that every other manufacturer is using switch mode suplly technology with universal voltage input. Behringer in recent equipment still used iron core(with CCA aluminium?) winding transformers. Is a linear suplly still cheaper, or is it that they never updated their once copied design from a 1/4 century ago?

    Still it has to be said. They can do a reasonable job, and some designs are clever and unique in their combination. It is the built quality I do not like. Cheapest OP Amps and potmeters. OK they purchase millions per year, so they are somewhat decent due to the quantity pricing for them. But else?

    It is not, that the things originate from China. These days it does not matter, where a thing is built, it is who is doing the quality control, and who’s behind the chinese maker. Did you ever see Iphones fail to that extend? They also originate in China. Sony , Nikon and Canon make their cameras and series production in China. Those are good values and products holding on to their professional heritage.

    It is the QC with Behringer that sucks, it’s how they apprentice and treat their workers. The spirit within the factory, which must vastly differ from a Union based factory in the back days or a japanese spirited factory these days in China.

    OK for a church with budget limitations, you might get away with Behringer products. It’s not driven to harsh uses. But even then, imagine the thing to die on Easter sunday or good-friday? Can U get quick replacements? You could come around in that case. Your not loosing a business case. Volunteered church service does not pay your lunch.
    With a professional gig, the thing is different. You can end up in tremendous liability, if the show-stopper is your electronic gadget. Think of 22000+ people in a concert. Well, in that case your budgets are high enough to go for reliable, quality gear. And backup.

    The other gear I am using is Yamaha, Datasat, Dolby, Sony and other reliable professional vendors. The Yamaha equipment (DME mixer and power amps) have over the years never failed. Not in our setup nor at customer’s sites. These are products, you don’t even think about after installation, for years.

  58. I have an A500 reference amp feeding it with their ultragraph mixer and EQ with a pair of Norman 10 speakers restored to almost factory condition being used for home audio. In the past there have been 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 theater systems all of quality brands. I have to say that even though for the most part I gave up remote control that the Behringer system blows away all of them with no strain on the components in audio quality at an SPL equivalent to a live performance and the pocket book was happier as an end result. I have had this setup since 2008 with no problems, just periodic TLC cleaning. If they continue on the same path this was manufactured on. an upgrade system later will also be Behringer. Liked your review, very fairly stated.

  59. I have Behringer amp 1800 a storm blue a fuse I replace it with a new fuse it called for a fuce t63ah Iput in a fuse t63h but get no power where can I find some one to look at it I live in Plymouth mn

  60. I also love cheese. Wensleydale anyone?

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